2022-03-10 04:01:10 UTC

The Golden Jubilee Year National Chess Championships Cycle 2022
The Chess Olympiad year as well & The Team will be selected from the National Chess Championships 2022 - Finals
Better Conditions! Higher Prize Fund! Be a part of it!

I am glad to inform you all that the above event will be held from 16th to 20th of March 2022 at Palm Beach Hotel, Mt. Lavinia.  
Schedule - Two Games each day at 9.00 a.m. & 3.00 p.m.

Cash Awards -        Open event                 Girls Event
Champion               Rs. 75,000/-                Rs. 50,000/=                     
1st Runner Up         Rs. 40,000/-                Rs. 25,000/=
2nd runner Up        Rs. 25,000/-                 Rs. 15,000/=
Awards Ceremony will be held with the National Chess Championships 2022 - Finals.

Players more than 2000 ELO rated are automatically qualified for Open section.
(The FIDE Master/IM having more than 2300 are Directly qualified to National A with reigning National Chess Champion.)
Players more than 1700 ELO rated are automatically qualified for Girls section.
(The Women FIDE Master/WIM having more than 2000 ELO are Directly qualified to National A with reigning Women's National Chess Champion.)

All selected players from Major Division. We are in target to get 120 players in Open and 80 players in women as minimum participation. If this amount is not full filled by the date of registration, the players next in major division Chess Championships will be taken. 

Entry Fee
Rs. 2,500/=

Registration Deadline - 12th March 2022

Registration Process - You may bank the relevant registration fee to
Bank of Ceylon, account number 718386 of Chess Federation of Sri Lanka and send a copy with the following details to cfslratingofficer@gmail.com
Name, School, FIDE ID, Rating, Contact details and the way you selected. Entries without payment will not be accepted.
Other details will be provided on the 1st day. Please report to the Chief Arbiter at 8.30 a.m. on 1st day.
The Last year Champions, Susal De Silva and Chanindi Mewna Attanayake are in the pictures.
Accommodation in the Hotel can be arranged by calling 0710553344, Tharindu.
Wish you all the best! for the event.

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