2022-02-17 04:30:36 UTC

Esandi Newansa of Dharmasoka College proved that she is the best Youth Girls player when she won the highest Youth Girls event, the under 18 of the International Online Youth Chess Championships which was conducted as the part of the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the Chess federation of Sri Lanka, 1972 – 2022. Esandi losing to a lower rated Nethumli Rashmitha in the very first round beat all her other 6 opponents Esha Pallie, Minudi Ranasinghe, Dulinma Rathnayake, Chanindi Attanayake, Yasasi Abeysekara all from Sri Lanka and Alaina Vincent (India) convincingly to reach 6 points out of 7 games and win the Gold Medal.

After a three way tie among Alaina Vincent, Chanindi Attanayake and Desandi Gamage Alaina won the Silver medal with the better tie breaker and Chanindi won the Bronze Medal also in the tie breaking points better than Desandi. Alaina beat Nimansa Sandanayake, Javindi Akuratiya, Oneli Weerawardena, Dulnima Rathnayake and Sayumi Gamage and lost to Yasasi Abeysekara and Esandi newansa to reach 5 points. 

Chanindi beat Sinlay Thanujana, Nemindi Ramanayake, Yasasi Abeysekara, Javindi Akuratiea drew with Chanthuli De Silva and Sayumi Gamage with one lost to Esandi, the winner while Desandi losing two game very early to Minudi Ranasinghe and Chanthuli De Silva beat Punsadi Devaraja, Sanuthmi Jayalath, Rashmitha Mulleriawa, Oneli Weerawardena and Chanethma Marasinghe to reach 5 points.

Devesh Madhani of Kolkotta, India scored 8 ½ points, just giving one draw to Dinuga Basnayake to win the title convincingly. He beat all other 8 opponents Dihein Wijeratne, Okitha Kuruppuarachchi, Lasitha Lakmuthu, KG Wimalaratne, Bhagya Samaraweera, Danindu Charutha, Dewdun Senehas and Menuksha Devasurendra to reach the top being unbeaten. 

Three players Nilash Kottage, Dewdun Senehas and Sanuk Nanayakkara scored 8 points each and Nilash and Dewdun won the Silver and Bronze Medals respectively on the tie breaking points. Nilash also being unbeaten beat  Yehan Weerakoon, Vinuka Wijeratne, Yesandi Wickramarachchi, Kavinu Weerathunga, Dinuga Basnayake, Anuhas Weligamage and Sasmi Sithumsa with two draws against KG Wimalarathne and Sohan Dinsara to earn the 2nd place. 

Dewdun beat Dulina Jayasinghe, Nulan Hewavitharana, Joel Fernando, Deegayu Hettiarachchi, Ethan De Hoedt, Naaditha Wijerathne, Anuhas Weligamage and Kausara Kodithuwakku, and just lost to the winner Devesh to reach 8 points with the Silver Medal. Though Sanuk also reach 8 points with wins against Aravindi Perera, Evin Cabral, Inura Bopeththa, Dinupa Dihein, Ethan De Hoedt, Oshini Gomes, Basuru Jayarathna and Sohan Dinsara and lost to Menukshan Devasurendra to score 8 points. 


The event which is conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka in under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 years Open and Girls categories is in progress from 22nd January to 13th March 2022. A total of 246 in under 10 Open and 25 players in Under 18 girls participated in these two event. The Under 8 (Open and Girls), Under 10 open, Under 16 and 18 Girls and Under 18 Open are already over and the Under 10 Girls and Under 16 Open event will be held in the next weekend. The event is held at the Tornelo Platform with the time control of 15 minutes with 10 second increments from move 1. 


The organizers have arranged all fare play measures to organize a clean event, All participants are closely observed with a Zoom call and no one is allowed to contact the players while playing in progress. The games are also sent for FIDE experts for checking for fare play.


Stay Safe! Enjoy Chess!

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