2022-01-21 19:20:02 UTC

The above event was started at the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka with the participation of 18 players, Unfortunately all top players opted out since most of them are tired after a series of Chess events in the last part of 2021.

The Chess Federation is offering Rs. 150,000/- as cash awards for the event conducted by them from 14th to 22nd February 2022 at CFSL headquarters, Nugegoda.

The event is played in two groups A & B in 9 round Round robin events as stage I and top two players of the each event will play a knocked out event as below in the final stage.

1. Semi Final I - A1 Vs B2

2, Semi Final 2 - B1 Vs A2

3. Finals - Winner 1 Vs Winner 2

4. Consolation Finals - Loser 1 Vs Loser 2

In the knocked out stage, two games with white and Black per each player is played, If the result is 1 - 1, Two Rapid Games with 15m + 10 seconds is played with either colour. If still equal, two Blitz Games are played with 3m + 2 seconds if still tied an Armageddon game giving 5 minutes to white and 4 minutes to Black will be played and Black wins if the game is drawn. 

CFSL has offered the following Cash awards with the medals and certificates:

Champion - Rs. 60,000/=

Runner -up - Rs. 40,000/=

3rd - Rs. 25,000/=

4th - Rs. 15,000/=

5th - Rs. 10,000/=

The live Games can be taken from 

Public links to tournaments Grand Prix - A (9th Sri Lanka Chess Grand Prix 2022 - Group A)Link https://view.livechesscloud.com#343fc48f-7468-4a4e-9c54-6d382e9d5486 

Grand Prix - B (9th Sri Lanka Chess Grand Prix 2022 - Group B) Link https://view.livechesscloud.com#9add1bd6-279a-45e5-9a84-84a67bcf9e40

Grand Prix 2022 - Group A

CMAmarasinghe A A C B18629901809
 De Silva Osheen18079902252
 Gunathilake M D Vinuda Shenal14629967966
 Laksiri A A Kavishka Gimshan13879982825
AIMWijerathne Surath13759916792
 Weerathungalage W D Malisha Sasvidu12609970410
 Abeyrathne K W A M G Dinod Uthsanda12199993258
 Wadduwage Thamindu Upeksha108729950430
 Bimansa D G Jayandi103229946697
 Amarathunga Piyumi Uthpala101029954630

Grand Prix 2022 - Group B

Sivathanujan S18119977104
Liyanage Pesandu Rashmitha16779947876
Gnanaseelan Jude Dorison13919960520
Amarathunga Kosala Sandeepa Chamikara137929970954
Samaranayake Pamok Methdinu127829946158
Gunaweera Geenuka Kavinu12259998624
Weheragoda H A Menula10819966137
Liyanage Sathini Disathna103229974771
Kannangara Ginuri10199954813
Upeksha L H I100929950422

Stay safe! Enjoy Chess!

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