2022-02-09 04:32:14 UTC

Maleesha Savindu Weerathunga of DS Senanayake College had a remarkable first round, where he scored a total of 10 ½ points out of 11 games, just giving a draw to B Janukshan in the Group A. He showed excellent performance by winning all other games with Piyumi Amarathunga, Lakindu Gamage, Sathini Liyanage, Ranul Kannangara, Shenal Francis, Pamok Samaranayake, Upeksha Wadduwage, Oneja Abeysekara, Sithuli Sithumya and Oshini Gunawardena convincingly.


Vivash Ransara Samarakoon (Royal College) having a half a point less to the leader after the penultimate round Managed to win the last game and the title due to the leader of the Group till Rd. 10, Dulnith lost his game to Thisarindu in the last Round. Vivas had 10 points out of 11 games, just losing his game to Dulnith and he beat all other opponents, Hasindu Gamage. Chenaya Ekaratne, Jayandi Bimansa, Thisarindu Induwara  and MADD Munasinghe, Rehan Ekanayake, Chanuth Jayakody, Insara Wickramaarachchi and Anujana Hasandi Sendanayake and a forfeit point against Mandiv Ariyarathne.


Young Pamok Samaranayake of Rahula College, Matara managed to place 2nd with 9 points. He beat Ranul Kannangara, Sithuli Sithumya, Shenal Francis, Piyumi Amaratunga, Upeksha Wadduwage, Lakindu gamage, B Janukshan and Sathini Liyanage and got two draws against Oneja Abeysekara and Oshini Gunawardena while losing one game to Malisha the leader.


Thisarindu Induwara also from Royal College also showed that he is eligible for the event by beating the overnight leader Dulnith Sanviru in the last game. He managed to become 2nd and qualified to 2nd stage convincingly. Thisarindu beat MADD Munasinghe, Rehan Ekanayake, Chanuth Jayakody, Anujana Hasandi Sendanayake, Hasindu Gamage. Chenaya Ekarathne, Jayandi Bimansa and Dulnith with the forefit point and 1 draws with Insara Wickramarachchi to earn 2nd place.


The four players will meet in the 2nd round as knocked out events between A1 Vs B2 and B1 Vs A2’

Semifinal 1 -  Maleesha Weerathunge Vs. Thisarindu Induwarad 

Semi Final 2 – Vivash Samarakoon Vs Pamok Samaranayake.


In the Semi Finals and Finals, two matches will be played among the players giving alternative colours. If the score is a tie (1-1), a two games, Rapid matches with 15 minutes + 10 seconds will be played with different colours, if still equal, two Blitz games will be played with 3 minutes + 2 seconds time control. If still equal, one Armageddon game will be played giving 5 minutes to white and 4 minutes to Black. If this game is a draw, then Black will win the Championship.


Oshini Devindya Gunawardena (8 ½ points) of Ferguson College and Dulnith Sanviru (9 ½ points) of Royal College won the 3rd place of Group A and B respectively. 


The 3rd Sri Lanka Youth Chess Grand Prix 2022 conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka is in progress from 3rd to 13th of February 2022 at the CFSL Headquarters. There are two round Robin Events of 11 rounds played as Group A and B in the first stage with 12 players each. Then the winner and Runner up of the each group will play a Knocked out event as the stage II. CFSL is offering a Cash Award of Rs. 65,000/= with Trophies and Medals for the winners.

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