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Anuruddha and Sayni Wins National B Titles

The experienced, GC Anuruddha, a former National Chess Champion won the Sri Lanka National B Chess title 2019 scoring 8 points out of the possible 10 games while Sayuni Gihansa Jayaweera (Dharmasoka College), former Women’s National Chess Champion also scored 8 points to achieve the Women’s National B Chess Championship 2019, both convincingly. Both of them were unbeaten throughout the event.

The Sri Lanka National B & Women’s National B Chess Championships 2019, the best events in Sri Lanka in Swiss System was conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka from 7th to 16th July 2019 at Polymath College International, Nawinna Maharagama with 110 selected top players in the country. The top twelve players of National B Chess Championship 2019 will play with Isuru Alahakoon and Harshana Thilakaratne at the 13 round, Round Robin SL National Chess Championship 2019 while top thirteen players from the Women’s National B Chess Championship 2019 will be selected to play with reigning National Women’s Chess Champion, Dinushki Premanath at the Women’s National B Chess Championship 2019.

Anuruddha had 6 wins and four draws to earn Rs. 50,000/= with the Trophy and the Gold Medal while Gihansa received Rs. 30,000/= with the Trophy and Gold medal with the same score of 6 wins and four draws in women’s. Young player, RKT Dissanayake from Dharmaraja College and Ranindu Dilshan loyanage of Ananda College earned the Silver and Bronze medals scoring 7.5 and 7 points consecutively. They are also awarded Rs. 30,000/- with the Silver medal and Rs. 20,000/= with the Bronze Medal.

Young Girls, MMWH Mapa and Ashvini Pavelchandran scored 7.5 points each and Mapa got the Silver Medal on the tie breaker. Ashnini, the last year National B Champion had to satisfy with the Bronze medal this year. Both were awarde the shared cash award of Rs. 15,000/= each.

Mr. Upali Gunasekara, Past President of Chess Federation of Sri Lanka, The Principal Polymath International College and Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya distributed awards at the prize Distribution Ceremony. 15 Games in each round was live webcasted at www.srilankachess.lk, the official website of Chess Federation of Sri Lanka.

The following players are selected for the National A and Women’s National A Chess Championships to be started on 28th of June 2019.

National A Chess Championship 2019 – Qualifiers from National B Chess Championship 2019

1FMGalappaththi Chinthaka Anuruddha2083
2Dissanayake R K T1989
3CMLiyanage Ranindu Dilshan1920
4CMWijekoon Chandana1891
5Ilampoornan Raguparan1987
6Randil Lakshitha2000
7Ariyawansa K A P M2010
8Danushka M A N1923
9Jayasinghe Keeth M S1856
10Thenuka Kuruwita Gamalathge Kinon1750
11FMDe Silva L M S T1824
12Lamahewa C1822

Direct Qualifiers  

  1. Isuru Alahakoon – (Reigning National Chess Champion)
  2. Harshana Thilakarathne (Having a rating more than 2,400)

Women’s National A Chess Championship 2019 – Qualifiers from Women’s National B Chess Championship 2019

1WCMJayaweera Sayuni Gihansa1746
2Mapa M M W H1522
3Pavalachandran Ashvini1664
4Fernando G W Nethmi L1627
5WIMRanasinghe S D1619
6Dahampriya H K T Dewnethmie1592
7WCMTharushi T H D Niklesha1582
8WCMPallie Ehsha Mishela1492
9WFMKodikara K K M Sachintha1565
10Premanath Prasansa1551
11Jayatilaka W M M Amodya1522
12Wickramasinghe Thesandi1502
13WCMSanudula K M Dahamdi1445

Direct Qualifier _ Dinushki Premanath (Reigning Women’s National Chess Champion)

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